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SUNDAY, April 22 at 11:00 am - KBCA members (and members-to-be) are encouraged to attend the Spring Meeting at the Cratty garage. See you there!

PLEASE SEE the "About" page for an updated description of the KBCA's various responsibilities and activities.

DO YOU HAVE PHOTOS OF KENWOOD BEACH FROM DECADES PAST? We'd love to post them! "Antique" photos from the early days - when beaches were deep, sea grass beds were plentiful, watermen and their catch were abundant, and the old store and hotel were still in existence - would be particularly appreciated. Contact Thanks!

Easter Bunny & Ms. Bunny Stop by Kenwood Beach

April 21, 2012

Mr. & Ms. Bunny came by for a visit with little and not-so-little Easter Bunny fans on Sunday, April 1.  A crowd of enthusiastic kids showed up and pretty succesfully tracked down all the sweets.  Those few that were missed were tracked down the following morning by an equally enthusiastic canine.  Between Easter eggs and cupcakes, the children of Kenwood Beach ingested an immense amount of sugar.  (Residents without young children send their  sympathies to residents with young children, because we can only imagine what your evenings must have been like…)

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Spring is Sprung…!

March 27, 2012

…Which is quite nice, even though we never had any winter.  The peepers along Kenwood Beach Rd. have been raising a chorus for a few weeks now, bluebirds are seeking out new nest sites, and hordes of blackbirds – for whatever reason – have once again started their dive-bomb entries into bamboo forests (where they do who-knows-what for the night.)  But, despite some sincere attempts on the part of a few hardy individuals, it’s still not warm enough to linger comfortably around a bonfire at the beach.  Soon, though!

Check out the latest KB News (see Menu tab), and stay tuned for more news & updates as we roll into the new season.  Happy Spring!

Kenwood Beach’s Very Own Nonagenarian!

December 18, 2011

How often do we get the chance to pronounce (let alone understand) “Nonagenarian”?  Well, Tom Sherman’s very own Uncle Carl has just celebrated his 92nd birthday on December 16th, and being in his 90’s he’s qualified to claim that title!  Any other Nonagenarians here? How about Octagenarians? Let us know, so we can all say Happy Birthday.


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Holiday Spirit Lights Up Kenwood Beach

December 17, 2011

Kenwood Beach residents are getting into the spirit of the season with bright lights and colorful decorations! Take a virtual tour here, or better yet – wander around the neighborhood and compliment your neighbors on their efforts!  (Our apologies for the amateur photography… an 8-year old digital camera doesn’t quite hold its own anymore…)

If you’d like to add a photo or two, please feel free to send them to  Thanks!

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Halloween Haunted Trail

October 30, 2011

Tonight was KB’s Second Annual Haunted Trail, and it was well-attended despite seriously cold temperatures!  2 bonfires, marshmallows with syrup and sprinkles, cupcakes and brownies… all helped to keep folks warm while the riders took their turns. Many thanks to Wanda for once again pulling it all together, and to all the other volunteers – including ghouls, goblins, and clowns – who made it happen!

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Impromptu S’Mores Night

October 19, 2011

It was decided that with all the beach bonfires being built (in an attempt to conquer Irene’s gift of endless driftwood), and nary a marshmallow in sight, Kenwood Beach was in serious need of a S’mores night… So this past Sunday evening saw a lively beach gathering of kids and adults, with the traditional sandwiches of graham crackers, milk chocolate, and cooked (preferable burned) marshmallows, plus special pumpkin-spiced marshmallows and hot chocolate.  There were even monster sized ‘mallows for the grown-ups!

The evening was originally planned for Saturday night, but unfortunately the winds were heavy and erratic andconsidered unsafe for a bonfire, so the evening was postponed. Our apologies to those kids who couldn’t make it on Sunday, but there are many ingredients left and more Saturdays approaching…

KBCA Fall Meeting, Other News

September 28, 2011

 *****   Get your latest KB News:  KB News, Vol. 1, No. 4   *****

 KBCA Fall Meeting, Sept. 25.  Issues discussed included:

The Pier

  • The pier came through the hurricane with minimal damage – the cabana roof lost shingles, and the globe  for the light over the fishing deck was lost (and will be replaced when the bulb fails).
  • The anti-gull wires along the railings are not deterring the gulls as well as when initially installed and will be repaired and, perhaps, enhanced with a third wire.
  • Last summer three new pilings were sunk at the south end of the fishing deck at a cost to the association of $900.00. The new pilings will allow the deck’s square footage to be increased by about a third.

Roads & Community Safety:  There was general discussion concerning when the county would be collecting storm debris and replacing downed street signs.  Speeding and the failure of drivers to heed stop signs were also discussed as was minor crimes including the theft of gasoline and lawn care equipment. Residents were encouraged to report all such incidents to the authorities and to also let KBCA officers know.

Shore Erosion:  New business centered on shore/beach erosion issues and efforts at the state, county and community levels to address them.  Discussion included:

  • Reports that twoCliffTrailresidents had applied for federal buy-out funds that, if granted, will have their homes razed and their properties given over to the county.
  • Efforts at Scientists’ Cliffs to expand/improve their shore erosion work (it was suggested that KBCA challenge the permitting of such work based on the harm done to Kenwood by pervious projects).
    • Options available to theKenwoodBeachcommunity to address cliff erosion/sand depletion; i.e. construction of jetties and breakwaters, extension/improvement of existing groins, re-establishment of sea-grass beds, and other possible efforts recommended under the state’s Living Shoreline program.
  • Funding for shore erosion efforts was also discussed and a committee was given the task of formulating options for the community to pursue.